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For advanced electrical installation, troubleshooting, and repair in Artesia, call Arrow Electric Services. We provide a prompt and efficient electrical installation service to our customers.

Our business has been founded on the basis of high-quality workmanship while our professional electricians remain focused on ensuring high-quality services to our customers. Our team will assist commercial and residential clients when it comes to planning, installation, and maintenance of different electrical services. We have a unique project management approach that guides all our electrical related jobs. Therefore, from the conceptualization of the project through completion, we are the qualified experts you have been looking for.

At Arrow Electric Services, we practice extreme professionalism with nothing being a big deal to us. We have electricians who come with a great experience and have proven track of performance. The past customers have always expressed great satisfaction when it comes to repair works or fresh electrical installations. Serving commercial and residential customers in Artesia, we are focused on ensuring that we achieve great customer satisfaction on every work that we undertake. Here are some of the services provided by our professional staff.

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Electric Panel Upgrade or Repair

Arrow Electric Services is proudly the leading installer and repair electrician for electrical panels. Serving commercial and residential customers, we are focused on making sure that your electrical panel provides proper functionality throughout. When installing the electrical panel we shall make sure that we provide professional installation service. In addition, our experts will be there to repair your electrical panel when needed. Just call us at any time of the day or night and we shall be glad to assist you. We understand that the electrical panel is the heart of your electrical installation Therefore; our experts will be there to make sure that the installation is done professionally.

Emergency Electrical Service 1

Emergency Electrical Service

At Arrow Electric Services we provide a fast and reliable 24/7 availability when it comes to resolving emergency electrical requirements. Therefore, in case you are experiencing an electrical fault, talk to Arrow Electric Services for a quick and efficient problem resolution. We have the right troubleshooting equipment and tools while our staff comes with years of experience in electrical repairs. Therefore, you are assured that we will help to resolve the electrical issue soonest possible. We come with expertise in providing electrical solutions even when facing emergencies. Even after business hours, we provide urgent electricians for call outs and other electrical issues.

Outlet And Switch Installation 1

Outlet And Switch Installation

For trusted and professional outlet and switch installation, talk to Arrow Electric Services. We will remove the old electrical outlet and switches, and replace with latest ones to ensure your current electrical consumption matches the installed outlets and switches. Therefore, consult for an inspection in order to ascertain that the electrical outlets and switches are working correctly. In case of any issues, we will advise you on the best type of switches and outlets that you can replace with. Do not ignore the need to change the electrical outlets and switches as power consumption increases. These are important components and if not upgraded can result in serious electrical problems.

EV Charging Station Installation 1

EV Charging Station Installation

At Arrow Electric Services, we also provide our customers electrical vehicle charging solutions, suitable for different models of electrical vehicles. Talk to us for installation of Tesla EV charging station or repair services. Our technicians work closely with the EV manufacturers ensuring that we match the requirements of different vehicles when it comes to the installation of the charging system. Our EV charging solutions will provide fast charging time ensuring that your car charged within a short period.

Residential And Commercial Electrician 1

Residential And Commercial Electrician

At Arrow Electric Services, we can sort out all electrical installations and repairs for commercial and residential customers. We have experienced staff who work tirelessly making sure that your commercial and residential requirements are well taken care of. Therefore, do not allow electrical faults to affect your business or ruin your comfort while at home. Just hire our experts who will move with speed, troubleshoot and provide repair. Even when you need emergency services, we are readily available to respond.

Electrical Rewiring services 1

Electrical Rewiring

For home electrical rewiring, talk to Arrow Electric Services. We provide our customers with professional services while ensuring that the electrical wiring matches your requirements. Wiring will eventually age and this comes with decreased efficiency. The result could be frequent electrical faults which is a major issue facing many homeowners and commercial businesses. Therefore, to bring this to a complete stop you need to consider electrical rewiring. At Arrow Electric Services, we provide professional service guaranteed to match your current electrical consumption.

Arrow Electric Services provides certified electrical services for commercial and residential customers 24 hours a day.